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In the mid 1950's, when the population of the City of Tustin was slightly more than 2000 people, Bill Moses, the owner and editor of the Tustin News, conceived the idea of the Man of the Year award. By the mid 1960's, it became clear that a Woman of the Year award was also needed.

These prestigious awards honor those individuals who have made a significant impact, in a volunteer capacity, on the future of the City of Tustin and it's surrounding areas.

Records of how the organization operated in the 50's, 60's and 70's have been lost. Finally in June of 1983, guidelines were written to define an autonomous organization not affiliated or connected with any other organization. The guidelines have been amended several times over the years to smooth out the methods of operation, but the intent of the award has stayed the same.

The guidelines stipulate that those individuals receiving the Man and Women of the Year award become life members of the organization. Each year in February, community organizations and life members are requested to nominate individuals who have contributed to the Tustin community in a volunteer capacity. The life members pay nominal dues to cover the costs of the operation and attend a selection meeting in April where the qualifications of the nominees are discussed before a vote is taken. It usually takes several votes to narrow the field of well-qualified candidates to the Woman and the Man who will be honored.

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Pete Beatty
(Tustin Man of the Year 2014)
Amy Nakamoto (Tustin Woman of the Year 2014)


Jeanne Brown (Tustin Woman of the Year 2007)
A.J. (Tony) Coco (Tustin Man of the Year 1976)
John McGuire (Tustin Man of the Year 2015)
Gretchen Whisler
(Tustin Woman of the Year 2013)


Pete Beatty

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Participating Non-Profits
American Legion Post 227
Assistance League of Tustin
Blind Children's Learning Center
Boys & Girls Clubs of Tustin
Exchange Club of Tustin
Foothill Communities Assn
Knights of Pythias (Tustin Lodge #85)
Laurel House
Miracles for Kids
Miss Tustin Scholarship Program
Orange County Rescue Mission
Orange County United Way
Orangewood Children's Foundation
Red Hill Luthern Church
Soroptimist International of SA/Tustin - facebook
Tustin Area Council for the Fine Arts (TACFA)
Tustin Area Historical Society (TAHS)
Tustin Area Senior Center
Tustin Area Women's Club (TAWC)
Tustin Chamber of Commerce
Tustin Community Foundation
Tustin Dollars for Scholars
Tustin Host Lions Club
Tustin Kiwanis
Tustin Police Foundation
Tustin Public Schools Foundation (TPSF)
Tustin/Santa Ana Rotary Club
Women Helping Women (WHW)

Video Links
Music Slide Show: Tustin Man Woman of The Year - through the years (Published June 9, 2012)
Miss Tustin Dancing at Tustin Man and Woman of the Year Dinner 2010

Awarded title of Man and Woman of the year
Tustin Hoast Lions Club - 31 Tustin Area Historical Society - 27
Board & Charter Members.
1957 - Jack Hall*
1961 - G. O. Bixler*
1964 - Pete Berlin*
1989 - Eugene Thomas*
1968 - Gerald Mack
1969 - Lou Gerding*
1972 - Ken Lovell*
1973 - Frank Greinke*
1974 - Walt Fredriksen*
1976 - A.J. (Tony) Coco
1979 - Stephen Schuster*
1980 - Arthur Peterson*
1980 - Cherrill Cady
1980 - Arthur Peterson*
1989 - Eugene Thomas*
1993 - Victor Gorham*
1995 - Al Baker
1995 - Kathy Kelley
1998 - Beverly Barrington*
1999 - Jack Shafer*
1999 - Marisa L. Charette
2001 - Judy Schnitzer
2001 - Gary Siegel
2003 - Bill Hammerle
2006 - Ken Henderson
2006 - Patti Winter
2009 - Walter Sullens*
2010 - Lowell Sneathen
2011 - Christopher Barr
2014 - Amy Nakamoto
2016 - Susan "Susie" McIntosh
1958 - William Moses*
1966 - Margaret Pottenger

1975 - Maureen Rischard*

1976 - A.J. (Tony) Coco
1976 - Vivien Owen *
1977 - Bob Hill*
1978 - Barbara Benson*
1979 - Carol Jordan

1983 - Frances Logan*
1986 - Margaret Greinke
1988 - Dick Edgar*
1991 - Don Biery

1992 - David Nisson
1996 - Juanita Lovret
1997 - David Bryant*
2001 - Gary Siegel
2003 - JoAnn Bolleson*

2004 - Linda Jennings
2007 - Don Ropele

2007 - Jeanne Brown *
2010 - Donna Peery
2012 - Windy Greene
2013 - Robert Ammann
2013 - Gretchen Whisler

2014 - Pete Beatty
2016 - Susan "Susie" McIntosh

2017 - Linburgh McPherson